Village Voice 33rd Annual Jazz & Pop Critics Poll and etc.

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winner: albums
Kanye West
Late Registration

winner: singles
Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx
"Gold Digger"



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1Of Montreal  The Sunlandic Twins
25 points
2Newsom, Joanna  Ys
Drag City
18 points
3Todd Tamanend Clark  Nova Psychedelia
20 points
4Various Artists  Big Apple Rappin'
Soul Jazz
12 points
5McCartney, Paul  Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard
15 points
6Various Artists  Messthetics #101
Hyped to Death
10 points
7Michael Angelo  Michael Angelo
10 points
8Various Artists  Messthetics #102
Hyped to Death
10 points
9Various Artists  Prog Is Not a Four Letter Word
Delay 68
5 points
10Clap  Have You Reached Yet?
Skyf Zol
5 points
11Milk 'n' Cookies  Milk 'n' Cookies
5 points
12Sir Lord Baltimore  Kingdom Come
10 points
13Creme Soda  Tricky Zingers
5 points
14Maypole  Real
10 points

what's goin' on over here at the true vine 1123 W 36th St Baltimore MD 21211
 Maypole - The Real  (Anopheles)  LP  $19
Recoreded in 1970 and released a year later on the same label the released Shocking Blue's "Venus," if memory serves, Baltimore's Maypole made one of the only truly good vintage psyche LPs from our little city.  Reissued by the same folks that pressed the Brigman Jungle Rot LP, if that tells you anything; it stretches out and digs in.