Photo History

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Photos thru the years

A Blast From The Past

The Moss-1966 Photo taken behind The Bluesette Night Club- Baltimore, Maryland

Demian at Bourg Satzvey- Germany March 19th,2004

Maypole - Koblenz,Germany- April 7,2007

Live in Koblenz, Germany

Demian Bell In the early Maypole Days

Lulo Reinhardt and Demian Bell

Live At The Bayou Georgetown Washington D:C:


Demian Bell Live at El Clap in Barcelona, Spain

Maypole- In Germany 2004

The Maypole

Demian Bell and Steve Mace

Movie Poster for 'Manosaur' The music composed and performed by Demian Bell

Demian with the Lonia Valley Demian Bell Signature Guitar

Demian Bell

Demian Bell- Germany 2006

Maypole in Colorado

Demian Bell -1971

Demian in the Amsterdam years

Tribute to the late Paul Welsh

The late Paul Welsh drummer and co-founder of Maypole with Demian Bell 1971

Demian, Steve, John, and Larry -Maypole (Version 2 )1972

Poster for the Demian Bell Signature Model Guitar at the Frankfurt Music Convention

Earliest Known photo of Demian in The Pyschedelic Propellor
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