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Wemo Records Germany

Gitman- An album of free form guitar instrumentals

Load And Fire

Earthtone Records

Rhino Records Compilation

A Rhino Records Compilation with Moulty And The Barbarians

Heavy On Wire

Recorded in Germany 2003

Earthtone Records

Mean Green

Vinyl 45 from 1981

Produced by Gary Vandy and Demian Bell

Bass Mekanik- Download

Features Dennis Tobell aka Demian Bell on guitar

Pandisc Records, Miami

Live In Germany-Wemo Records

For Lovers of The Blues

Wemo Records-Germany

Gotta Let Go

Earthtone Records

Los Bravos

Mike Kennedy and Los Bravos

Ambient Rhythms

One of my Bass projects with Neil Case

Streetbeat Records

Sending Secrets

Earthtone Records

Bass Patrol

A Bass Compilation on Avex Records Japan

A Gold Record

Liquid Bass-Bass Waves

Another Bass project with Neil Case on Pandisc Records

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